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Embryonic Stem Cells



Scientific knowledge management

Empower your research endeavors

  • LLM to structure Data in order to analyze scientific articles 

  • Biological enrichment of articles to create databases on indication

  • Building of knowledge graphs and interpretation

  • Multi-OMICS analysis

Model drug / indication interactions


Interpretation of in-vivo experiments

  • OMICS biological enrichment, integrating multi-OMIC datasets to provide a holistic view of biological processes

  • Animal model optimization, by implement cutting-edge technologies ensuring relevance and accuracy in preclinical studies

  • Animal behavior interpretation by employing sophisticated behavioral tracking systems to quantitatively measure changes in animal responses, providing precise metrics for analysis


SaaS & Software development

Tailored Solutions

Craft bespoke SaaS platforms for healthcare and life science clients, ensuring tailored functionalities to meet their unique needs, from data management to analytics, with a focus on user-friendly interfaces


AI-Driven Innovation

Infuse cutting-edge AI technologies into our platforms, enabling advanced data analysis, predictive modeling, and automation to empower healthcare and life science professionals with actionable insights and streamlined workflows


Regulatory Compliance

Prioritize regulatory compliance and data security, implementing robust measures to ensure our SaaS platforms adhere to industry standards, safeguard sensitive information, and support our clients in meeting healthcare and life science regulations

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