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Asset Identification


Medico-Economic & Life Cycle Management


By combining state-of-the-art activities, MedInsights aims to enhance the efficiency and success rate of drug positioning by leveraging computational approaches for target identification, hit generation, and lead validation in silico

Target Idenficiation

Conducting comprehensive literature reviews, bioinformatics analyses, and data mining to identify potential drug targets based on disease pathways and molecular mechanisms

Lead Validation

Utilizing molecular modeling, docking studies, and simulation techniques to assess the binding efficacy, selectivity, and ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion) properties of lead compounds.

Chemistry Set

HIT Generation

Employing computational methods to design and execute large-scale virtual screenings of chemical libraries against selected targets. This involves predicting and analyzing the binding affinities of numerous compounds to identify potential hits


Applying computational approaches to analyze chemical information, structure-activity relationships, and other relevant data to guide the design and optimization of drug-like compounds


Integrating biological data, such as genomics, proteomics, and pathway analyses, to better understand the potential impact of identified targets and validate their relevance in disease contexts

Data Management

Organize, store, and analyze large volumes of computational and experimental data to provide detailed reports on the findings, including virtual screening results, lead compound validations, and recommendations for further experimental validation 

Collaboration with Experimental Research

Facilitating communication and collaboration between computational and experimental teams to ensure seamless transition from in silico predictions to laboratory validation, ultimately accelerating the drug discovery pipeline


MedInsights aims to empower Business Development teams in Academi, Biotech and Pharma companies with valuable insights, enabling them to make informed and strategic decisions in their pursuit of new opportunities and partnerships

Vitamins and pills

Market & Competition Analysis

Analyzing market trends, dynamics, and growth opportunities within specific therapeutic areas

Geography Lesson

Scientific Landscape Evaluation

Examining the scientific landscape of molecules or diseases by reviewing published literature, clinical trial databases, and patent filings. This helps in understanding the current state of research, emerging trends, and potential opportunities for innovation

Science Lab

Target Identification

Utilizing data-driven approaches to identify potential drug targets based on specific criteria evaluating the biological and commercial viability of targets

Stock Charts in the Newspaper

Financial Evaluation

Incorporating financial data and analysis into decision-making processes. This may involve assessing the potential return on investment for specific drug development opportunities

Financial Report

Customized Reports and Dashboards

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Our tailored Scientific Knowledge Management solution, meticulously crafted for Market Access, Medical Affairs, and Clinical Operations teams, is designed to revolutionize decision-making in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.

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