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Our offers


We transform life science data into insights and provide you tailored solutions to match your specific needs and business requirements.


You would like to test the potential of machine-learning on your biological data or need help to process OMICS data ? We would be glad to collaborate with you on your scientific papers!


You can access our two products (ISTAS and MD-Affinity) with a licensing system. Contact us for a demo!

Our products


ISTAS is a one-stop, integrated platform to find potential drug and target opportunities, providing a smart application for business development in pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

We provide potential discovery and repurposing capabilities with drugs and targets, offer new ones and validate what could be interesting, as per the science.


MD-Affinity is an API providing molecular dynamics and quantum physics calculation. It provides information on the potential energy of molecules or the stability of interactions between therapeutic agents and targets

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