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Frequently asked questions

Where are we based?

We are presently head-quartered in Paris, France.

Our physical offices are in Future4Care, an incubator spacialized in Life Sciences.

At present, we work in either hybrid (on-site and work-from-home) mode or fully work-from-home mode.

What our founders story?

The two founding partners of MedInsights, Soham and Victor, met in October 2020 when they were both working on a project to find new therapeutic targets for a pharmaceutical company. During this experience, they discovered their complementarity: Soham had the biological and scientific knowledge, and Victor the skill to write algorithms in order to automate problem solving.

Following this, they continued to collaborate on various professional projects until they decided in 2022 to launch a structure to fully dedicate themselves to MedInsights.

Who are we working with?

Since the establishment, MedInsights has worked with major players in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Biotech/Medtech companies

  • Academic labs

We transform data into knowledge to accelerate and de-risk the different steps of the therapeutic agent conversion process using a combination of artificial intelligence and scientific expertise, while also helping to generate new hypothesis for scientific challenges in the field of health sciences.

What is the value of our work ?

  • Publications: We have published in scientific journals either in collaboration with recognized academic institutes or with internal teams and continue to collaborate and publish.

  • Complementarity: We have complementary experience and skills in data, academia and pharmaceuticals.

  • Trust: We have the trust of our clients who have been with us since the beginning. We work hand in hand with our clients to meet their challenges. 

  • Knowledge & Diversity: We have worked in the academic, pharmaceutical and data science fields from the inside and we know the ecosystem, its needs and its specificities.

  • Agility: Use of design thinking and agile methodology to deliver products is at the heart of our customers' needs

How do we comply with data privacy and GDPR?

We are committed to ensure data privacy and security for all our collaborators and clients.

What is the importance of what we do ?

MedInsights accelerate the development and positioning of drug destinated to save lives and give new hope to millions of people with diseases. We are specialized into the reuse of therapeutic agents that has many advantages for the pharmaceutical industry and patients: less risky, less expensive and much faster development.  

More and more biological data are available (genomics, patents, publications, omics) and used throughout the life cycle of drugs by the scientific community. This is particularly true for drugs that have already been approved, for which information such as side effects and mechanisms of action are already available.

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