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Data science for drug purposing

We support health tech and pharma industry by using a combination of artificial intelligence and scientific evaluation to accelerate and minimize the risks for the different pre-clinical and clincal steps of a drug purposing

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We are located in the heart of Paris @Station F

At MedInsights, we are dedicated to helping healthcare and biotech organizations make better decisions with real-time data. We offer innovative solutions to measure, track, and analyze data, while also providing evidence-based advice on how to improve operations and processes.


Our team of experts have experience in the healthcare industry and are passionate about helping organizations make the most of their data. We strive to make data-driven insights accessible and useful to our clients, allowing them to make the best decisions for their business.


MedInsights is now part of PariSanté Campus and France biotech network!


  • Indications clustering

  • Protein expression and modeling


  • Binding energies calculation

  • Adverse events anticipation


  • Clinical trial analytics

  • Publication NLP



"My research team is primarily focused on the physiology of body weight homeostasis and food intake. A strong component of our work encompass physiological approaches of brain circuits dictating metabolic control. With the emergence of omics technology it has become crucial to benefit from an expertise in bio informatics. My encounter with MedInsights was a revelation in that regards because the company not only has cutting edge knowledge and tools but also-which is quite unique in my experience-is offering mentoring and training support for post-doc and fellows to develop an understanding of the pipeline of analysis and procedure to be followed. MedInsights has been giving talks in my lab on several occasion and we are now actively seeking to make MedInsights part of of all our developing projects in which their expertise and knowledge has become a crucial determinant of competitivity in academic publication, data analysis and fund raising."

Prof. Serge Luquet

Université Paris Cité BFA UMR CNRS 8251


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